Norse Magic for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide to Norse Divination, Reading Elder Futhark Runes, and Spells

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Have you always been curious about the mysteries surrounding the Norse Futhark runes?

Do you believe that learning how to read runes will help you make better decisions?

Do you need a refresher on how to cast your runes and read them?

If you answered yes to these questions, you have found the right book!

There are several ways runes can help make your life a lot easier, and learning how to use them is almost like having your cheat sheet to life.

This book will teach you everything you need to know about runes - their mythical origins, the Norse legends surrounding them, and background on the Norse deities that lend their powers to the runes.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover the pantheon of the Norse gods and goddesses
  • Learn how to make your own set of runes
  • Find out what to look for when you're buying runes
  • Identify the names of all the Elder Futhark runes and what they represent
  • Learn how to prepare your runes for your first use
  • Discover how to invoke the powers of the runes
  • Get advice on how and when to cleanse and recharge your runes
  • Increase your perception and intuition to make your readings more accurate
  • See examples of how to create your own layouts
  • Master the art of reading your runes and figuring out the answers
  • Discover the mystery behind the enigmatic Blank Rune
  • Learn rune poems and how to make your readings more powerful
  • And so much more!

Helped by this book, you can go from knowing absolutely nothing about runes to becoming a formidable rune reader. Even though the ancient Norse are no longer of this world, their culture and practices still live today.

Author: Mari Silva

Publish Date: January 30, 2021

Binding: Paperback/Hardback

Physical Info: 0.29" H x 9.02" L x 5.98" W / 134 pages

Reviews: None at this time.

Author Bio: None at this time.

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