Lepidolite Plates

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These beautiful crystals are also known as the peace stone and excel in aiding with anxiety, peace, emotional balance, love, luck, protection, and psychim. They are a receptive stone that has associations with Zeus, the third eye and heart chakra, the element water, and pair well with pink tourmaline and aquamarine.


Material: Lepidolite Mica

Hardness: 2.5

Origin: Brazil

Finish: Raw

Cut: Natural Plates

Size: Varies

Individual Stone Weight:

    • Small: 0.5-1.0oz
    • Medium: 1-2oz
    • Large: 2-3oz

    Included: 1 randomly chosen Lepidolite Plate in your preferred weight. If you have a request on size or shape, please put it in the notes of your order and we will do our best to accommodate your request.


    Also Known As: The Peace Stone, Stone of Peace

    Energy: Receptive

    Planets: Jupiter, Neptune

    Elements: Water

    Deity: Zeus

    Chakra: Third Eye, Crown, Heart

    Associated Crystals: Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine

    Associated Metals: Unknown at this time.

    Associated Herbs: Unknown at this time.

    Placement: Over any associated chakra, as jewelry especial a low hanging necklace, crystal grids, close by as you sleep



    • Peace
    • Anti-Anxiety
    • Anti-Nightmare
    • Emotional Balance
    • Love
    • Luck
    • Protection
    • Psychism


    ** Colors may be slightly different in person then on screen. We use the best photographic techniques we can to capture as true of a color as possible.**


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